These are emails that were sent to me after clients QHHT sessions. I have permission to post them and some names have been changed to protect the clients identity. I thank you and appreciate following up with me.

I came to Amy for help when I had a hard time moving on after a relationship ended abruptly.
I couldn’t accept that it was over, and I was blaming myself for the relationship failing. It was definitely taking me much longer to get over him than it should have, and I was struggling. While explaining the process and during the session, Amy was very patient and caring. The session went very well.

Christmas was 2 weeks after my session. I expected to be hurting deeply during that time. I realized mid-way through Christmas Day that I had not given him much thought. I missed my ex, but not as badly as I expected. My holidays were not ruined!!! 🙂 Because of my session with Amy, I was able to enjoy my holidays. I cannot explain it, other than the session allowed me to start healing and enjoy my life.

After the distraction of family and friends during Christmas and New Year’s, I had time to reflect. I feared that I would regress with the extra time that I now had. Instead, my eyes were opened to all the problems of the relationship. There were many more problems than I realized. I guess I just blew them off while I was dating him and overlooked the red flags. There were so many red flags!!!!

I am feeling back to myself again! I no longer feel like I am living in a fog. I feel like I can breathe again. I feel alive!!! I am so thankful to Amy for guiding me along the path of healing!!! Thank you, Amy!!!!


On Sunday, April 14, 2019, I had an Online Beyond Quantum Healing Session with Amy Collett. It was absolutely amazing and wonderful. My name is Tammi Lutz and I have two children. My daughter is 20 yrs old and my son is 9 yrs old.

I wanted to do this session with Amy, because I wanted to improve my relationship with my son. He has intermittent explosive disorder; which means he has meltdowns over everything. In the session I was able to regress to past lives that have been holding me back in this lifetime. I was able to release their hold on me and my son. We asked each other for forgiveness.

He is like a brand new child. The difference in his behavior is like night and day.

This morning (Thurs, April 18, 2019) our relationship was tested hard. All of us overslept; which meant that my son had missed the bus to school. The bus comes at 8:17am and we woke up at 8:19am. I prepared myself for the ensuing battle with my son. Anytime we wake up late, he has a meltdown. Which includes yelling, screaming, saying he's never going to school again, ect... (One time he even tried to stab himself when we woke up late.) When I woke him up, he started to panic a bit, I said to him, "Shh, calm down, I can drive you to school." He said, "Ok, Mom." And he very calmly went and got ready for school. That was truly, truly amazing!

I had a physical healing as well. I have had asthma since I was 2 yrs old. The past 4 yrs it has gotten worse and worse. My lungs felt constricted and I could not get in a deep breath. (I go through 2 inhalers per month, waking up 4 to 6 times a night to use my inhaler.) As soon as I woke up from my session, I could take a full deep breath!

My asthma has been healed! I even tested it. Tuesday night, I slept in the living next to my son's guinea pig. I am highly allergic to the guinea pig and her sawdust. Even just sitting by her cage for a few minutes will throw me into an asthma attack. I slept next to her all night; and I did not have to use my inhaler at all!

Also, the arthritis in my spine has been healed. I can move, and bend without pain. I can put my shoulders back and stand completely straight. Something that I have not been able to do in a very long time.

This session with Amy was truly wonderful and amazing! I honestly was not expecting to have any physical healings; my main goal was to have a spiritual and mental healing with my son. This session went above and beyond all of my expectations!

I am extremely grateful to Amy. Thank you so much!  -Tammi Lutz

I’m not even sure where to begin when it comes to attempting to explain my experience with Amy. For starters, it was absolutely life changing. I went in confused about my purpose in career path and life in general, and came out with healing from past traumas and clarity and understanding about myself and my purpose I had been searching for. It didn’t answer all of life’s questions for me, but it sure did bring enlightenment to my sense of self. She guided me into a past life where I was a mermaid and witnessed my own death. It was one of the most healing and beautiful experiences I’ve ever had.

I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t have said yes to trying this magickal experience. I went in with zero expectations and a mind set of curiosity and came out closer to understanding myself and loving my self in many different ways. Amy, I truly cannot thank you enough for holding space for me and help guiding me in my own healing. 🙏💜 You have truly impacted my life and my heart for the better in so many ways. -Brandie

My session with Amy helped me with a multitude of things and was incredibly healing. She took the time to get to know me and thoroughly understand my goals for my session. I gained a greater understanding of repeating patterns in my relationships which helped me clear years of hurt feelings and trauma. Since my session, my relationships with my parents, partner, children, and pets have improved. My dog Tucker has not shook his head from allergies one time since the session and he is very happy to be getting some extra attention. Each time I listen, I gain something new. I feel more aligned with my purpose and more supported by the universe than ever before. I am very thankful that our paths crossed. - Amanda D.

I have been involved personally and professionally in the healing arts for over a decade. Although traditional yoga and Ayurveda have carried me a long way, I needed to explore some things a little deeper than my daily practices would accommodate.

Recently, I reached out to Amy Collett regarding QHHT. The results, although seemingly subtle, have been life changing. As Amy guided me in utilizing my subconscious (or higher self) to answer questions I had prepared, it became apparent how much chitter-chatter goes on in my head that is both unnecessary and unhelpful. Once I could quiet that down and get to the bare roots, things became clear. That clarity has followed me through my current daily life practices, and things don't seem like such an effort of decision making, but a more precise flow of life and joy!...eliminating lots of daily physical, mental and emotional stress.

I still have questions and reservations about hypnosis and some of the past life own 'blockages' I suppose, but anyone else who might feel the same should know that it doesn't's a badass practice that has been so helpful to me. Even though I may have a few reservations, it is still a healing practice that has helped me reach a happier place. The clarity I feel with myself and with my needs/goals in life has moved me past blockages and pushed me into a space that is leaps and bounds farther than I was getting before this practice. - Kathryn

Amy, I can't tell you how much your help and guidance has improved our lives. After our QHHT sessions we have both grown closer the depression that we both suffered from is gone. Anybody who is struggling should open their minds go on YouTube do some guided meditation, and talk to Amy. If you come across this testimony you have reached out now to complete your journey to find happiness. The ability resides within you. Have Amy help you guide yourself to peace. Our thoughts and prayers are with the ones who read this to seek knowledge within themselves. - R&J

My name is Christina and I am a Sound Therapy and Energy Medicine Practitioner,  Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, and Interfaith Minister and I have been actively involved in the healing arts for two decades.

Recently, I had the pleasure of receiving a QHHT session with Amy Collett and I am  honored to share my experience in hopes that it may inspire others to give it a try.  Amy is a gifted healer and facilitator with a huge heart that is wide open so she immediately makes you feel safe to gracefully guide you through the QHHT process.

Amy gently guided and me, Christina, to connect with my Higher Self/Soul, (The Sassy One) who spoke on behalf of consciousness, and we had a “Very Lively Conversation” in real time.  Our session brought forth confirmation on many levels for me personally and also brought forth some new information to assist us individually and collectively in the Ascension for Humanity and for All of Creation.

When I spoke as Christina, I sounded like myself and spoke in the first person/singular.  When I spoke as my Higher Self/Soul/Consciousness, I spoke as “We” in the first person/plural, and my voice was a little different.  Even though I connect and receive information on my own at will, this was an amazing experience, very lively and energetic and sometimes even humorous, and left me feeling inspired and energized.

QHHT is a powerful healing modality and Amy Collett is a gifted QHHT practitioner.  I highly recommend both.

When Amy shared with me about the sacred journey to healing session, I became excited although unsure of what would happen. These are the three things that came from my QHHT session.

When I came off the cloud with my eyes closed, I saw my grandmother (that I haven’t seen since 1976 until her death in the Philippines). She was standing by the lake in her long blue dress. The lake was somewhat round in shape and small. I found myself floating towards the other side of the lake. My grandmother was standing across from where I was and I was able to tell her I loved her. It felt really good when she smiled back. A couple days after my session when I left Wyoming, I drove through Utah heading home to Sedona Arizona. I was astonished to drive by a lake that looked exactly like the small lake that I saw during my session. Because of 1-way traffic, I didn’t have the chance to stop and feel the presence of my grandmother. I had goosebumps the whole time though.

I grew up with fear of snakes and earthworm of which I didn’t know why. I learned from my subconscious mind that, when I was a kid, my parents took me to a Zoo. In the zoo is a cage with big snakes. I was looking at the cage when a large snake looked at me and stuck out his forked tongue.

A month after my session, I went to the Out of Africa Wild Park in Cottonwood, Arizona with my youngest son and grandchildren. We watched different animal shows. We sat in a bench waiting for another show, when 3 staff carried out a large closed box. The guide asked the audience for volunteers to get the “animal” out of the box. To my surprise, it was a large long Python Constrictor. I stayed sitting until the guide asked the audience who are afraid of snakes. He looked at me and asked me to join the other volunteers, so I said to myself “why not, this is a test for myself.” With some hesitation, I touched the large python and I felt her skin like a scaly leather. We (volunteers) carried her and I ended up carrying her towards the middle of her body. I felt her constricting muscles and it felt weird however, did not scare me at all. We all put her down on the ground. The guide told me that I can touch her head. I went towards her head and touched it like petting a dog. I felt very confident that my fear of snakes has left me. Without my subconscious mind, I’ll never know why I was afraid of snakes.

I'm a Nurse (RN/BSN), with 41 years of experience in different fields of Nursing. I had fusion of my metatarsal in both feet. My orthopedic surgeon advised me that the screws will remain in both of my feet for a long time. I constantly have pains on my right foot followed by cramps. My feet were getting heavy when my subconscious told Amy that they were heavy and sore.  My subconscious told her that my feet will feel better. Several weeks after my session, my daughter-in-law and I were out hiking when all of a sudden she asked me how my foot feels. I told her that my feet are fine and I don’t feel any pains at all. Since my session, my right foot has not bothered me anymore and the pains are gone even in cold weather.

I want to thank you for the opportunity to find the reasons for my fears and pains, and to see my grandmother again. Although it was weird and spooky to see the lake in person as I saw it during the session, I now have peace in my heart and mind. - Effie