Are you ready to begin your sacred journey to healing?

Hello, my name is Amy Collett and thank you for visiting my website. The mission of Sacred Journey to Healing is to guide people to healing through exploration into their past, present, and future. Guidance includes forgiveness of themselves, others, letting go of anything not serving their purpose, and loving unconditionally by learning to love themselves first. Are you ready to begin your sacred journey to healing?

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Quantum Healing Sessions - Book Now!

Quantum Healing is a specialized form of healing while in a deep relaxed state. In this state, I can guide you through scenes from your past and connect with your subconscious where we can find answers to many things. Negative emotions from a past situation that you may not remember can be stuck and need released. Forgiveness toward others and yourself also takes place in this relaxed state, freeing you and allowing your body to heal. Are you ready to let go?

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Reiki Healing

Come and relax on a heated amethyst bio-mat for a 30-60 minute Reiki healing session. Amy will seek out problem areas and work to balance your energy centers or chakras. Pre-paid packages are available for 3, 5, and 10 visits.

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Animal Wellness

Do you love your pets more than most people? Yes, me too! There are several ways I can work with animals to assist them in healing. First, I can communicate with them in your QHHT session and ask any questions you may have. Second, I can connect with them spiritually and ask yes or no questions through a modality called Emotion Code. I will search for trapped emotions that can be causing physical illness and release them. I also offer a high quality CBD oil that works amazing with animals.

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Contact Amy

Contact me now to set up a free 30 minute phone consultation. I will call you as soon as I am available. This is a great time to ask all of your questions about the process and decide which method is best for you.