Our pets are family and they know when we need love. They can read our emotions like a book. And sometimes when we have really strong emotions, our pets can pick them up from us, positive and negative ones. During practice sessions for my Emotion Code certification, I volunteered at the Teton County Animal Shelter. There were two cats (brother and sister) who had been there for over a year. I asked to work with them first. They were brought to the shelter by a woman leaving her abusive husband. One cat continually urinated outside of the litter box every time he was left out to roam. His sister was so shy that she barely came out of her cubby. So, you can imagine why they hadn't found there forever home. I identified between 20 and 25 trapped emotions, asked where they came from, and released them. Many of trapped emotions were from the stress in the home with the previous owners. I completed 4 sessions with each cat. After the third session, the shy female stared to venture out of her cubby during the day while employees were in and out. The shelter left the male cat out various times overnight and he did not pee except for in his litter box. I completed the 4th session and within a couple weeks they found their forever home. I have seen many similarities between pets and their owners ever since.

Pets also pick up illness from toxins in our environment just as we do. However, with the release of these negative emotions, an animal can live a healthier life and maybe lose a few bad habits along the way.

I offer 3 options to assisting your pet to a healthier life. Please contact me for a free consultation.

  1. Emotion Code sessions
  2. Surrogate QHHT sessions (at the end of your session) Heal yourself, heal your pet!
  3. Liv Labs Organic CBD oil

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