Amy's Story

Amy loved nature from her earliest memories. She would go into the barn on her Dad’s farm in Ohio, get a half peck basket, and tell her Dad that she was going to “gather.” About an hour later she would return with a full basket of goodies that she collected on her walk. She asked her Dad to teach her what each treasure was that she found. It ranged from rocks, sticks, nuts, berries, leaves, and even animal scat. As she grew older, Amy developed new interests, but her love of nature has never faded.

In high school, Amy was exploring the numerous paths she could take and was involved in acting and modeling. One day after putting on a play for first graders, Amy had an experience that she would never forget. She encountered a first grade boy who was talking about his time in WWII. “I got up with my gun and ran for cover. The bullets were coming at me…..” the boy was saying. Amy’s curiosity was peaked, so she asked the teacher standing by the boy what was he talking about. The teacher explained that he was talking about his past life in WWII.  Amy quickly asked if his grandpa told him those things or was he watching too many old movies? The teacher calmly said no and that she had met with his parents and it wasn’t that. With her eye brows scrunched together, Amy walked away in awe.

Amy dropped her acting a modeling plans by the end of high school due to stage fright, and focused on nature and  her desire to save the planet. During her senior year and her friends even nicknamed her “Nat”, short for naturalist. She decided to pursue a degree in Wildlife Biology and attended a two year school in Ohio. She enjoyed the program so much that she added on a third year of Backcountry Horsemanship. During the summers, she was hired as a “Naturalist” for the Ohio State Parks leading hikes about medicinal plants, fossil hunting, and giving evening presentations about bats and astronomy. After her third year, she graduated as the “Outstanding Graduate” of her class and lined up a job at a dude ranch in Wyoming.

Amy was the only wrangler who wanted to take ranch guests on a tour of Yellowstone, so the job was hers. The following summer she was hired as an Interpretative Park Ranger in Yellowstone. All of her dreams were coming true. She decided to get her Bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Biology and Management at the University of Wyoming. Many more seasonal jobs came and went until she landed a contract job with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department as an Education Coordinator. It was her dream job but unfortunately not permanent. She helped save a moose calf, assisted with a black bear studies, tagged Trumpeter swans, helped test elk for disease, and taught the public about what they were doing.

Amy took a side job as a Wildlife Biologist Guide for the Teton Science School when her second encounter with past lives came. She had a wonderful 4 hour tour with a couple from Florida. They loved the trip but were more interested in talking about other things. She joined them for dinner that evening and had some deep spiritual conversations. They gave her a few books before they left, one being “Many Lives, Many Master’s” by Dr. Brian Weiss. The title caught her attention and after finishing it, life began to make more sense. Soon, Amy got a permanent job as the Education and Marketing Program Coordinator at the Teton County Weed and Pest where she worked for 13 years until June of 2017. Because of this job, Amy also met her soul mate and was married in Yellowstone in October of 2011.

Spiritual signs started coming in more frequently.  A few years ago, Amy met a new friend at a Master Gardener class who introduced her to QHHT, and soon after had her first session. Completely amazed by this experience, she took the signs seriously and began her spiritual journey. She loved her job but decided that she was needing to do something more meaningful.

She and her husband took a vacation to Sedona, Arizona. This was a perfect place for her to find what she was looking for. Amy searched and searched, several trips to bookstores, lessons from a Shaman, and losing herself in nature. Time was running out and she still did not find anything that stood out. They spent over an hour at their favorite bookstore the day before they left. Her husband came up to her with an armful of books and asked if she was ready to go. Disappointment washed over her as she got up off the floor in the health/wellness section and proceeded toward the register. All of a sudden the last book on the last shelf before the register jumped out at her. She quickly grabbed the book and said to her husband, “This looks interesting, you will probably like this book.” It was called “Hidden Sacred Knowledge” by Dolores Cannon. She bought the book, took it home, and could not believe her eyes that it was about QHHT. Just as quickly as she found the book she knew that the search was over.

With her love for all of the people and animals she has met on the way, along with her love of nature, she is planning to assist all in healing through the QHHT process and Emotion Code. “Who am I,” you ask? I searched deep within myself to find the answer. I am a soul that is pure heart and wishes to support people in healing and discovering their true-self and purpose. I love everything about this beautiful planet we live in, as you can see through my work and my photography on this website and my photography site. Love and Happy Trails!” Branding Images Photography

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