There are two types of Quantum Healing sessions available: Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT session are only available in-person) and Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH are available in-person or online). If you are coming in-person, please read through both descriptions and let me know which you prefer. If you are reaching out for an online session, BQH it is!


What is the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)?

In-person sessions only!

QHHT is a specialized form of hypnosis through visualization which was perfected and taught by Dolores Cannon after 45 years of pioneering work. It is a guided meditation that takes you to a deep level of relaxation, called the Theta state. This is a natural state that you are in at least twice a day, right before you fall asleep and right after you wake up.

I will guide you through scenes from your past that will help you understand where negative emotions come from. Negative emotions that we carry in our mind and heart is the root cause of disease in our body. Once you realize these emotions belong in the past and are not necessary in the present, you can release them, and this allows your body to heal.

This part of the process will take you even deeper so that we will have the opportunity to contact your Higher Self, Subconscious, Inner Wisdom, the part of you that is just beyond your conscious mind. This part of your mind is connected to everything that is and has the answers to all of your questions about yourself and the life you are living.

People seek out QHHT because as Dolores once said, “All of the healing modalities out there work but QHHT is the quickest way to healing.” Another important fact about QHHT is that I am not telling you what to do, you are. There is nothing better for you than your own advice. This is why I chose this method over other modalities available.

Most people come for one 4-5 hour session and leave with the answers to their deepest questions and are in the process of full self-healing. Many people have too many questions for one session and come back for more.

So, now you are probably thinking, “Can I be hypnotized?” Yes, you can! Did you know you are hypnotized within seconds of watching TV? You can also enter a light state of hypnosis after driving for an extended period of time. You can be in hypnosis with your eyes open or with your eyes closed. QHHT works on 90% of people which is a huge success rate. Are you ready for a positive change in your life? Let’s get started!

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What is Beyond Quantum Healing?

In-person and Online session available!

Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) is based upon classic "past life regression" hypnosis models but with a great many important and distinctive differences. Today, it is one the most advanced healing modalities on the planet. It is a heart-based and intention oriented method that promotes the idea of allowing practitioners to use all their skills and resources in service to their clients. BQH does not rely on exact scripts and methods, but instead is adaptable to the Client's needs, the Practitioner's skills and the situation at hand.

I use Beyond Quantum Healing for in-person and online sessions. At no addition charge, I offer a high end CBD product and the opportunity to use a far-infrared amethyst biomat for relaxation if needed. My specific skills include: Forgiveness work, ancestral/lineage integration work, Entity/Attachment Removal, Sound Healing with tuning forks, Reiki, and Surrogate sessions. These sessions can include communication with pets, people who have passed away, and those who give us permission with work with their higher self who may not be able to have a session themselves.

We will also work the combined teams of the practitioner and the client that consist of: the Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, and/or Higher Dimensional Beings. They assist by guiding the session in the direction it needs to go. Clients may experience the current life, a past life, nothingness a.k.a. Source energy, a healing temple, life as an animal or some aspect of nature, or a being from another planet. We never know where a client will show up but it is always the place they need the most.

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Session Preparation

  1. Once you have booked your session, you need to prepare a list of questions that I will ask your Higher Self or Subconscious. I need to have them written neatly and numbered on a piece of paper or printed out. Questions can be divided up into sections of: health, fears/blocks, career, spiritual, family/pets, etc. This is only a guideline if you need ideas for types of question you can ask. Please limit your questions to 15 total so we are getting the most important aspects of your life answered for you. In the health section, make a list of illnesses/discomforts that you would like to address. They do not need to be in question form as I have a list of 8 questions I will ask for each. These questions will get to the root cause of the problem so that you can release it and begin healing. I will explain more about your Higher Self and your connection to it in the interview portion of your session.
  2. Please try to meditate every day before your session. If you mediate regularly, you may skip to number 3. If not, please find a quiet place to sit or lay down even if it means sitting on the throne in the bathroom with the fan on. Take at least 10 minutes the first few days and work up to 15 or 20 before your session. Focus completely on long, slow breaths in and out. If a thought pops into your mind, let it go as quickly as it came in. It’s that easy and time will go faster than you ever imagined. This gives your mind a break and will help you prepare for your QHHT session.
  3. Please avoid recreational drugs and alcohol the day before and the day of your session. If you have a morning session, please do not drink caffeine and if an afternoon session, limit yourself to one cup that morning. Eat a good meal before your session as it can go up to 6 hours. I will have light snacks and water available.
  4. Set the intention that you will have a great session with all of the answers and healing that you ask for. The minute you booked your session, your Higher Self began preparing to help you in every way that it can.
  5. Your conscious mind “ego” will need to relax and allow this to happen. You will be safe at all times during the session so there is no reason for it to get in the way. The best way to set an intention is similar to saying a prayer. Say a prayer to your Higher Self and to God that this experience will allow you to get the answers and healing you seek. My intention is to help you relax to get the answers and healing you are seeking so you can live the magnificent life you deserve.
  6. Family members and friends are not permitted to attend the session with you unless in the case of a 16 or 17 year old. I will not do a session on anyone under the age of 16. If someone gives you a ride to the session, please let them know that it can go from 4 to 5 hours so they can plan their day. I want you to experience this amazing session to its fullest and do not want the presence of someone else to distract or hold you back from your truth. You will be safe and the information discussed in the session is kept between you and I. What happens in a QHHT session, stays in the QHHT session! You are welcome to share your recording with loved ones at your discretion afterwards.
  7. Please be aware that I am not doing the healing in your session. You are healing yourself and I am there to guide you through the process. The power of asking questions with the answers coming from deep within your being is the secret to success of QHHT. Prepare yourself to trust that the first thing that comes to your mind is the answer. This is how your Higher Self communicates with you. If you already feel that you know the answer it is because you do and already have a good connection to your Higher Self. Go with the flow. There is no better way to get the answers to your deepest questions than from yourself. You are a very powerful soul and this experience will allow you a taste of what you can do. Let’s get started!

Please watch this 14 minute YouTube Video where Dolores explains "Expectations in a Quantum Healing Session"

BQH Online Session Prep only!

Online sessions are held through ZOOM, an easy web-based video meeting system. You must have Zoom installed on your device. Having a headset or ear buds with microphone attached available is important. I will send you a personalized LINK for our session appointment.

Please practice using Zoom and test out all of your equipment and your internet connection with a friend BEFORE our session! You will not want to spend our valuable session time focusing on your equipment.

Here is a one-minute video on “How to join a Zoom meeting”


Session Overview

The Interview

  1. We will spend the couple hours getting to know each other and you can share your intentions for the QHHT experience.
  2. We will sit together and talk, I want to hear all about you and your life
  3. Share your life dreams and desires
  4. I will describe the Higher Self (H.S.) and the relaxing hypnosis process
  5. We will review your questions so I have a full understanding of why you are asking, this helps me ask the best questions to get a complete answer. We will also review the hypnosis portion.

Hypnosis Part I– Exploring your past

  1. I will lead you through a guided meditation which will allow you to become deeply relaxed. When I ask you to imagine something, do it with as much color and details as possible.
  2. During this relaxation, we will explore experiences of your soul. You are always safe because I will be right by your side. These experiences are coming from your H.S. for your highest good to help you in your current life. They are used to help you remember what your soul has forgotten in this life. During this process, it very important to talk to me as much as possible. The more details you share with me the better I can do getting the full story you are seeing and guiding you through it. So please, talk a lot!  
  3. Your Higher Self is showing you where your problems began so that you can see they are in the past and can release them. When I ask you a question, trust yourself and tell me the first thing that comes to your mind. This how your H.S. communicates with you.

 Hypnosis Part II– Connecting to your H.S.

  1. I will ask to speak with your HS and all you have to do is say yes and then just as you’ve been doing all along just answer my questions with the very first thing without thinking about it.
  2. I will count you up and we will take some time to talk about what you remember.
  3. I will prepare your recording as a Dropbox transfer or send you home with your recording on a flash drive.

Post Session

  1. Immediately after your session, eat a healthy, solid meal in order to ground yourself.
  2. Drink a lot of extra water over the next several days. Water is important to flushing your system of everything that you let go of during your session.
  3. Please do not listen to your recording while driving as my voice may put you back into trance.
  4. Take a nap, relax and rest up following your session. This will allow your body, on a physical and emotional level, to continue processing the information received.
  5. You will remain open for 3 days and 3 nights following your session, so please be gentle to your body. During this period if you wish to ask your higher self any further questions ask them just before you go to sleep at night. Your answers will come to you either as flashes of information, ideas that come to your mind, or during your dream state. You may also notice a much more conscious connection to your higher self in your day to day life after the session.
  6. If flying back home, it is best to leave the day after your session.
  7. Listen to your full recording alone for the first time following your session as there may be something personal that you would prefer to keep private. You are welcome to share your recording at your discretion.
  8. The more you listen to your recording the better your results will be! For best results, listen to your recording each day following your session to continue the healing. This is extremely important! As you listen, you can choose to sit in stillness and focus on the sensations or simply leave the audio playing in the background while as you are going to sleep, opening your email, enjoying your breakfast, or engaging in any other activity as you go about your day. You may feel wonderful after your session. Listening to your recording will help keep you feeling that way and deepen that feeling. I get goose bumps when I listen to mine and that is the best verification that you can receive.You may also feel little to no change after your session. This is when listening to the recording is the most important! You can and will improve in any and all areas of your life by listening and re-living our exploration and healing.
  9. If your H.S. gave you advice to make your life better, make the changes. I will ask you H.S. to motivate you to make the changes but if you need more help, I have created a coaching package to help you. You have your answers, you know what you need to do so, I can be there for you to set SMART goals and hold you accountable in reaching them. Please visit the Life Coaching page and we will create a package that will fit your needs.
  10. Please stay in contact, as I care about you and wish for the best results. I am always interested to hear how you are progressing. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Contact Amy

Contact me now to set up a free 30 minute phone consultation. I will call you as soon as I am available. This is a great time to ask all of your questions about the process and decide which method is best for you.