Healing after your QHHT session requires you to listen to your recording over and over and over again!

Using headphones to listen to your session will allow better focus to hear what is most important.

Amazing things will happen once you book your QHHT session and of course during your session but even more can happen after you leave. I will load your session recording on a cute purple flash drive with my logo on it so you will always know what it is. I did that on purpose just for you! Hint, Hint, listen to your recording as advised by your subconscious at the end of your session. I will also make sure to let you know how many times you told yourself you need listen to it. If you need any technical assistance in getting it where you can listen to it, I am more than happy to help.

“So, what’s the big deal about listening to it anyway?” Well, you just spent 4 to 5 hours with me along with a bit of money and most likely had a mind blowing experience. As you integrate back into your day, the memories of your session will fade like a dream. Suddenly, you will only remember a few details of your session. Next, your conscious mind that just took a nap, will be in full force trying to talk you out of what just happened. Trust me, been there done that! But luckily for you, you have the recording, all the evidence you need for your conscious mind to accept the healing of your session.

Your session recording will be approximately 2 hours. Please listen to the entire recording the first time and on occasion afterward as you have time. There is important information in the first half that will be important for you to remember. The second half of the recording, when I call in your subconscious, is where all of your questions were answered and a majority of the healing occurred. Take note of the time when the second half begins and listen over and over and over again. If you are busy as a bee all day, a great time to listen is right when you go to bed.

Please shoot me an email after a couple weeks and let me know how you are feeling. I am forever connected to my clients after a session and care so much to hear of your success. If you are having trouble making time to listen or following through with advice you were given from your subconscious please contact me. I am a certified Life Coach and will help you to set easy goals to reach success.