Cannabinoids (CBD)

I love Liv Labs CBD oil and have personal experiences to prove its worth! You have to try this!

First of all, LIV Labs CBD oil is grown organically in SW Colorado in pristine soil. The hemp plant is a bioaccumulator which means that it actually cleans the soil of toxins and stores them in the plant material. Therefore, to have a truly organic CBD oil, it needs to be grown in soil that has never been treated with fertilizers or herbicides. The location LIV Labs chose to grow the hemp does not have any other commercial farming within 25 miles in every direction. Of course there are trace amount of toxins coming from the air and precipitation therefore, LIV Labs triple purifies the oil. They also share the third party lab reports for each batch produced to prove its purity.

Secondly, this oil is 100% THC free! It's pretty hard to work a job, raise a family, and other life activities if you are high all the time from traditional medicinal marijuana. It is super exciting that it is becoming legal throughout the US and the world for people with severe medical conditions. Since Idaho and Wyoming, where we are very conservative, this product is legal and it is changing the lives of people in a positive way.

Thirdly, the oil has been nano-emulsified for maximum absorbency in the body. As you probably know, oil and water do not mix. If you place a drop of oil in a glass of water it will hold its form in the water. The nano-emulsification of the oil breaks it down to a much smaller size, 25nm to be exact which allows the oil to mix into water. This greatly increases the bioavailability the CBD in our bodies. Availability through scientific research shows a 50-70% absorption rate. CBD oils that are not emulsified only have a 10%-20% absorption rate.

Cannabinoids (CBD) Products are Proven to Help

My husband, Chris has a high inflammation marker called CRP. His results have been around a 3.4 for the last two years. A normal CRP is under a 1. Chris took Liv Labs CBD oil for 6 weeks and had his CRP levels checked again. Guess what? His level went down to a normal 0.8. Chris tried a few different CBD oils and none of them worked for some pain ans stiffness in his hands. After 7 days of taking LIV Labs gel cap at night (25mg) and the drops in the morning (17mg), Chris has zero pain and stiffness in his hands. Once he built up the CBD in his system for the first month, he is now only taking the gel caps at night and is still pain free.

Liv Labs offers drops, soft gels, salve, and weight wellness products. I have lost 7 pounds in two months! This company is new and had a soft opening that started during the summer of 2018. Its Grand Opening will be at the end of May 2019.

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